About the City Swiss Club

The Club was founded in 1856 by London based Swiss merchants who created a platform to engage effectively with the then powerful Corporations of the City of London. At that time, the business hub of London was the City of London and it comes as no surprise that the name City Swiss Club was used.

The drive and enthusiasm of many generations of City Swiss Club members helped it become the centre point for exchange of goods, services and ideas between the Swiss community and the London traders.

For the past 160 years, the City Swiss Club has followed its mission of helping the local Swiss community thrive in London by putting business people together, helping families settle here and keeping precious close connections with Swiss public representatives.

Two of the strong values of the City Swiss Club have been its constant adaptation to the new world surrounding it and a warm welcome to anyone wishing to interact.

You will therefore not be surprised that our Club is open to anyone with an active interest of the country, be it for business, leisure of family related reasons. Many of our newer members have lived or worked in Switzerland or have family members originated or living there.

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