8 May 2014AGM & Dinner at Mosimann’s

The City Swiss Club puts a smile on your face

When was the last time you had a really great time? Well, you might not be far from it now. I'm not biased, folks. Take example of the treasurer of the City Swiss Club in London Clifford Fourie and his wife Julie. They have loved what the greatest brand in the world (yes, you got it: Switzerland) offers to them ever since Zimbabwe born Clifford got his first Swiss Army knive as a six year old. The annual general meeting took place as usual at one of the most famous restaurant-clubs in London Mosimann's. Yes, at Belgravia where you see all the chauffeur driven limos with personalised number plates like 007 or 1FHM. You will also see the great man Albert Mosimann himself, if you are as lucky as me. For just over a year, the City Swiss Club on 8 May 2014 has been chaired by Reto Jauch and he has brought a breath of fresh air into the traditional organisation.As you would expect from a Swiss organisation finances are in great order and this is why you too can join the club for a paltry 45 pounds per person or 60 pounds for a couple a year. Why don't you come and see for yourself? As you might have guessed: The City Swiss Club is open to all nationalities with a heart for Switzerland. Or a business interest. Or both.At the AGM I met Patrick Noronha, an Indian born conductor who invited me to his Romantic Summer Night concert on 11 July at St. John's Church in Notting Hill. Patrick is a former lawyer who took up his dream vocation when he retired from his career as a lawyer. He has inspired me to start living my long harboured dream and do «DJing and stuff». The City Swiss Club is an organisation which puts a smile on your face. Its members know no pretence and put you at ease. I'm not a shrinking violet but it is always nice when you receive a warm welcome in a new environment. The City Swiss Club is of course also good for your business, you will make good contacts.Meet Dr. Hanna Reinartz, the German born orthodontist who likes exploring restaurants (sic!). She manages what must be one of the most intriguing modern Swiss brands the Swiss Smile clinic in London. She puts a smile on your face and that of your family, friends and kids with ease.Personally I cannot wait for the next City Swiss Club Event, most likely at The St.Moritz in Soho and I surely will not miss the annual ball, highlight of the Swiss year in London at Claridges on 22 November 2014. So what are you waiting for? Join the City Swiss Club now. Do good business. And have some fun. Here: www.cityswissclub.org/membership

(Text kindly provided from our member Dr. Urs Seiler who is a PR consultant in Zurich and London and a self-trained water therapist.)