27 August 2013Tech meets Wine

Christoph Burgdorfer, an active member of the City Swiss Club, gave us an interesting talk about how the digital technology is changing our world in all fields. He took us on a journey from how we used to communicate in the past, to what has been implemented already today, to the possibilities of things to come.

A journey which illustrated the way we are used to do things and gave us a glimpse of what might be reality in a very short time.

A successful event thanks to the input of Christoph Burgerdorfer from coANDco UK.

For further information visit: www.coandcouk.com

The evening ended with a wine tasting from Dobson Wines, hosted by Joelle Nebbe-Mornod and her husband Robb. They brought a interesting few fine wines for us to taste, highlighting the variety of the Swiss wines available from their company: Dobson Wines.

Why not visit their website for their full catalogue of Swiss wines they have available in the UK: www.nickdobsonwines.co.uk