25 June 2014Watch Football: Switzerland vs. Honduras 20:00 for 21:00 (kick-off)

Venue: St. Moritz Restaurant

The City Swiss Club, the Swiss Church and the St. Moritz restaurant warmly invite you to come together to watch the Swiss games and have a bite to eat.

The Swiss Church and St. Moritz Restaurant kindly offered to screen the group stage games. We are also preparing for the knock-out rounds as the Swiss team has shown enough talent to qualify.

At all venues there will be food and drinks available. The St. Moritz charges an entrance fee of £5.00 but this includes a drink of choice (bottle of beer, glass of wine or softdrink).

All proceeds of the second event will be donated to the Swiss Church and the charities it supports. The City Swiss Club is looking forward to cheering the Swiss Nati together while having great food and drinks.

Hopp Schwiiz! Allez la Suisse! Forza Svizzera! Hopp Svizra!