2 December 2014Dinner at St. Moritz Fondue à discretion

The City Swiss Club met at the St Moritz Restaurant for a Fondue evening.

Members were joined by Mr Daniel Pedroletti from the New Helvetic Society and chairman of the Swiss National Day London, Mr and Mrs Peter Barber and Mr and Mrs Joe Broggini from the Unione Ticinese, and Miss Geraldine Mortby and Miss Jane Wicks from the BSCC
We were warmly welcomed by Ursule, who, introduced the members from the other Swiss associations in London, emphasizing that the City Swiss Club was looking for a closer collaboration with them.

After drinks and tasty canapés of Sbrinx rolled in air-cured beef, the merry crowd retired to their tables. Whilst the aroma of Armin's delicious Fondue wafted through the restaurant, we attempted Ursule's quiz to guess how much cheese the St. Moritz Restaurant uses during a year. Prizes were at stake. And how surprising it comes to 3111.15 kgs actually!
Winning guesses were put into a draw. The prizes included a 4-day 2nd class Pass for 2 on Swiss Railway, a Dinner voucher for Two at The Haven Bistro & Bar Restaurant, a magnum bottle of organic olive and a big chunk of Gruyère cheese. There were some happy faces. The Fondue was absolutely delicious and we all tucked in. The jolly atmosphere was enhanced by Armin playing his accordion for us, even including some Scottish tunes.
It was a most enjoyable evening, with people from different groups looking forward to a cooperation and the promise of new events in the coming year.

After several years of much appreciated hard work on the Committee, Ursule informed us that she was passing the welcoming of guests at our successful social events to Sabrina Wirz.

Louise Black, member City Swiss Club


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